Research Team

Scientific research is always a team effort. Here’s the people who make it all possible and the tiniest homage to those who have made an indelible mark in our research and our lives. ¡Gracias totales!

Current Members

Gustavo “Gus” Mondragón

PhD Researcher

Excitonic transference mechanisms in photosynthetic systems

Mariana Albarrán

BSc – Undergrad Student

Non-canonical nucleotides and modified DNA templates as biological sensors

Adriana Corona

BSc – Undergrad Student

Excitonic transference processes in Photosynthesis

Andrés Linares

BSc – Undergrad Student

Sigma holes in main group metals and the physical origin of their anisotropy

Samantha Martínez

Undergraduate trainee

UV-Vis spectroscopy in Photosynthetic pigments and Machine learning methods. Chemical Education and science communication

Samuel Márquez

Undergraduate trainee

Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence for molecular design

Jhonatan Albarrán

Undergraduate trainee

pKa modeling of arsonic acid derivatives

Cristian Hernández

Undergraduate trainee (Based in Guatemala City)

Interaction energy calculations on non-standard nucleotides

Past Members

Dr. Jacinto Sandoval

Postdoctoral Researcher

Excited state calculations in photosynthetic pigments. Physical Organic Chemistry

Currently at Instituto Tecnológico de San Martín Texmelucan

María Eugenia Sandoval

BSc & MSc Student

Exciton Migration in Photosynthetic pigments
Calixarene-based drug delivery agents

Currently at University of Barcelona, Spain (PhD)

Luis Enrique Aguilar

BSc Student

Calixarene-based drug delivery agents

Currently at University of Groeningen, Nederlands (PhD)

Guillermo Caballero

BSc Student

Mechanistic studies of uncommon organic reactions

Currently at Cambridge University, UK (PhD)

Durbis Castillo

BSc Student

Molecular Docking and Drug Design for HIV-1 GP120 entry protein

Currently at McGill University, Canada (PhD)

Howard Diaz

BSc Student

Molecular Docking for HIV-1 GP120 Protein

Currently at UNAM, Mexico (PhD)

Leonardo Lugo

Reaction Mechanisms and bonding properties of Au compounds

(On loan from the group of Oscar C. Jimenez-Halla at Guanajuato U.)

Raúl Torres

Graduate intern

Graphene Oxide and calixarene-based arsenic removal compounds

Currently at UNAM, Mexico (MSc)

Raúl Márquez

BSc Student

Molecular Dynamics simulations of entry inhibitors for GP120 protein

Alberto Olmedo

Masters Student

Calixarene-based drug delivery agents
Halogen Bonding

Marco Díaz

MSc Student

Allosteric Weak Link Approach capsules
Calixarene-based molecular recognition agents

Eduardo Cruz

Undergraduate trainee

Calixarene-based drug delivery agents

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