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  1. Doc!, thanks for all the info about this Real Time Chem week!; I’m so excited because I just got retweeted by @RealTimeChem, plus I got a reply from @Chemjobber from another reply I made to @JessTheChemist…I think all this galactic conexions with other chemists around the world, via Twitter are incredible!. I’ve found some really nice/funny/interesting things by searching the official hashtag. Oh Twitter, you magical tool! hehe 😀

  2. Thanks Dalia! As you usual you are the sweetest commenter on this blog! 😀
    This is my first real encounter with Twitter and I’m also very excited about this week, as I wrote in the post, I’m trying to fit as much work as possible into these days just so I can (brag about) share it with the community! hahaha
    Congratulations on all your hashtag interactions and may they become fruitful to you in the near future!

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  4. Hi tthanks for sharing this

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