Our lab's big toy

Our lab's big toy

70 Blades with two Xeon Quad Core processors each.

My brand new hobby

My brand new hobby

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Avram Iancu square

Avram Iancu square

  • Dracula’s Castle (also shown, Peles Castle in Sinaia, a far more interesting place to visit)

Dracula joaquin barroso 3

Villany joaquin barroso 4

  • Mexico City’s skyline at night (click on image)
Mexico City Skyline at night

Mexico City Skyline at night

  • The good old years! Traditional lab coats bonfire at National Autonomous University of Mexico. The year 2000, when we finished our undergraduate studies. (click on image)

quema batas joaquin barroso

  1. Beautiful! Our lab has a meager pair of quad core opterons and a pair of core 2 duos as headless compute nodes and as a result we must heavily rely on walltime at an external 2000-core HPC facility to get real work done.

    Greetings from an Australian inorganic comp. chem. student.

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