After months of waiting I am now oficially hired as an associate researcher at the Chemistry Institute from the National Autonomous University of Mexico! Actually I will form part of the new Joint Center for Research in Sustainable Chemistry located outside the city of Toluca in Mexico. This new job comes as a great career opportunity in which long term perspectives are high. For the time being, the scope of my research will remain to be electonic structure analysis, intermolecular interaction description and dynamics of molecular recognition in calixarene systems as molecular carriers for biologically active compounds.

In the mean time I will come up with some other topic I can tackle regarding sustainable chemistry as it is the intention of this center. Needless to point out the importance of research in such problems and the promising research perspectives in this area.

I am excited to have access (however limited) to UNAM’s supercomputing facilities which for a while used to be within the famous top 500 list. I will also have to recruit students, get resources for them, train them and direct their works along with all the bureaucratic hassle this new position implies. This is indeed a very exciting challenge! I am also excited and eager to work with some of my former grad-school colleagues who are now accomplished scientists. This is one of those moments in life when you know things are changing for the better, falling into place; not just another job.

So it seems this blog will continue its journey which more than a year ago began in Cluj-Napoca, traveled to Pécs and is now located in Mexico City, onto the high and cold city of Toluca. May the research be good and results abundant!

Thanks for reading!