I just recently found out this very blog of mine was found and ranked by the Chemical blogspace as number 96 (out of about 250, before you ask). I still don’t know how do they do the math but it seems it has to do with the number of clicks a blog gets over a certain period of time and relating that somehow to the number of new posts over that same period. The Chemical blogspace is a blog which retrieves information from other chemistry blogs on the Internet and gathers it in a way that allows one to search by author, blog, topic or even molecule. The following link is to the ranking of my blog within Cb.

Why isn’t it retrieving my photo or why do all posts appear in the feed without the proper title but with my fullname instead? I have no idea!

Be that as it may, I’m very happy to know this rather neglected hobby is out there, is getting read and has even become a small Internet resource. I call it neglected because my posting rate is about 1 post/month. Some posts have become very popular, such as the ones on NBO analysis and their visualization and the one on PCM calculations and troubleshooting. Some have never amounted to much like the one on my thoughts about baseball or the relationship between knots -through graph theory- and chemistry. Some rants I like a lot like the one on the invention of the wheel and some got posted without proofing (and they remain shamefully so) like that on basis sets. During the first few months the number of visitors was somewhere between 40 to 60 visitors per month, now I don’t have less than 1700 a month! I now get a lot of questions from -mostly- students worldwide, and although I can’t always help them -sometimes not even reply soon!- I’m glad to be taken into consideration. It’s interesting to get these questions since in the vast majority of them you can tell they actually read the posts first; this means this is people actually trying to get something done! I don’t think I’ve ever had a question that requires an RTFM answer, thank goodness!

This ranking makes me think it could be worth the while to post things more often about my own work; also a good redesigning of the site is due in order to make it a site and not just a blog. Who knows? maybe I can climb higher in the ranking by the end of this year 😉

Thanks to everyone who has ever clicked, read, rated and commented the entries!