Last week I had a presentation at the Chemistry Institute in which I talked about the research I’ve been doing during the last year. Here I insert a link to my prezi presentation in which I make an outline of the project’s scope and goals, so not many results available yet.

Unfortunately doesn’t allow embedding of flash files so here is the link to my presentation (in Spanish, sorry) directly to the prezi website.

(Screenshot only)

I’ve been using Prezi lately (at and although I still can’t say I got the hang of it, I like the way this presentations flow way better than Powerpoint slides. With prezi you make a single slide in which all the information is contained and then you zoom back and forth (or just forth) through the topics you want to review. The presentation is created online, making it available for public/private use or online viewing; it may also be saved as a flash file which allows you to play it in almost any computer. If you know your way around mental maps, prezi is definitely for you!

Well, here is hoping to be hired once again by Instituto de Química at UNAM after this presentation.