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www.CCIQS; The (not-quite) official website

The Joint Center for Sustainable Chemistry Research (Centro Conjunto de Investigación en Química Sustentable) was born in 2008 as a project between the Institute of Chemistry from the National Autonomous University of Mexico and the Chemistry School from the Mexico State Autonomous University aimed to the development of research in green and sustainable chemistry as well as that of human resources trained in the same areas.

I have found through the statistics page in this blog that CCIQS is a somewhat popular search term but unfortunately there is still no website available due to some technical dificulties. Therefore I here upload the link to our proto-website (only Spanish for the time being, sorry)

I hope this helps people find some info about what we do and how to get in touch with us. Opportunities for scholarships are available both for graduate and undergraduate students. If you are interested in working with us, please get in touch with the researcher of your choice and ask for any available positions; we look forward to having more students to interact with!


As a scientist I believe the free share of information (which is not the same as to say of property) should prevail throughout the vastness of this global tool we have available. I’ve worked for private companies and I do believe in their right to keeping private the information they have invested in. But with SOPA there is an issue with freedom of speech and nobody wants to have their accounts monitored by a government, any government. Please read “1984” by George Orwell to have a better understanding of how false security and safety is not worthy of a captive society under surveillance.

You have all gained something by the free share of knowledge in this blog, as I’ve had from other online resources such as the CCL. If SOPA is passed, then I, we, may not be able to provide help with the use of commercial software such as Gaussian, for instance, and the progress of science would be directly hurt.

I do not endorse piracy. Private companies are entitled to profit as a return of their investments. But laws such as SOPA would only hurt those trying to make the most out of the largest communication media ever created in the history of mankind, while doing little to protect investors and developers. Many are the examples of developments arising from public effort: Wikipedia; Linux; OpenGL; The GNUproject. Open share of ideas have brought this and many other resources which ultimately result in the development of science and technology. Please read this article (in Spanish) by Dr. Alejandro Pisanty, a former teacher of mine at the Chemistry School. He was the head of the Academic Computing Services at UNAM, and one of the founders of the Computational Chemistry List (CCL); He most definitely knows a thing or two about information technologies.

It should be clear that the openness of the Internet has clear advantages as seen a year ago when the people from Tunisia got organized online and got rid of a dictatorship. Control of communication is a common treat of fascist and authoritative regimes. Information set them free.

Please rate/like/comment this post if you are also against SOPA and for the freedom

of speech over the Internet.

Fresh new look!

A new look was needed in this site! and some more changes will be made in the next few days. A new page was added with the topics of the courses I’ve taught here at UAEMex, namely QSAR and Molecular Modeling. Another page was added for you all to leave questions which are hard to fit into other places of this blog. The idea behind this page is just to have a more organized site, since sometimes there are questions on odd places such as the About Me page or something like that.

This blog will slowly transform into a site for my incipient research group, however the blog will always be an important part of this site and will continue to be the front page, at least for now.

Have any comments or suggestions? please let me know in the comments section!

The Chemical blogspace (Cb) has ranked this blog!

I just recently found out this very blog of mine was found and ranked by the Chemical blogspace as number 96 (out of about 250, before you ask). I still don’t know how do they do the math but it seems it has to do with the number of clicks a blog gets over a certain period of time and relating that somehow to the number of new posts over that same period. The Chemical blogspace is a blog which retrieves information from other chemistry blogs on the Internet and gathers it in a way that allows one to search by author, blog, topic or even molecule. The following link is to the ranking of my blog within Cb.

Why isn’t it retrieving my photo or why do all posts appear in the feed without the proper title but with my fullname instead? I have no idea!

Be that as it may, I’m very happy to know this rather neglected hobby is out there, is getting read and has even become a small Internet resource. I call it neglected because my posting rate is about 1 post/month. Some posts have become very popular, such as the ones on NBO analysis and their visualization and the one on PCM calculations and troubleshooting. Some have never amounted to much like the one on my thoughts about baseball or the relationship between knots -through graph theory- and chemistry. Some rants I like a lot like the one on the invention of the wheel and some got posted without proofing (and they remain shamefully so) like that on basis sets. During the first few months the number of visitors was somewhere between 40 to 60 visitors per month, now I don’t have less than 1700 a month! I now get a lot of questions from -mostly- students worldwide, and although I can’t always help them -sometimes not even reply soon!- I’m glad to be taken into consideration. It’s interesting to get these questions since in the vast majority of them you can tell they actually read the posts first; this means this is people actually trying to get something done! I don’t think I’ve ever had a question that requires an RTFM answer, thank goodness!

This ranking makes me think it could be worth the while to post things more often about my own work; also a good redesigning of the site is due in order to make it a site and not just a blog. Who knows? maybe I can climb higher in the ranking by the end of this year 😉

Thanks to everyone who has ever clicked, read, rated and commented the entries!


A new beginning

This is the first post on this new blog of mine. Other blogs I’ve participated/created are displayed below; they both reflect what have been major interests in my life: movies and food. For years I’ve been reluctant to have a personal more professional blog but I think the time has come to start building a presence on the web regarding my activities for whomever might find them interesting or useful, and even if nobody does, this may become a good reference point to my work and interests. I now face the question about merge my different blogs into one, would that be useful? if so, how to do it?

Other blogs of mine:

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